Thursday, April 26, 2012

National Poetry Month

New Mating Moon 
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It is the new moon in the Mating Moon but National Poetry Month is almost over. Like last year, I have been finding and sharing poems on my Facebook page all month. Finding this poetry has introduced me to new ideas, and given me words to express what I didn't have a way to talk about before. These are key elements of the Mating Moon, a time when we are asked to think about how we interact with the other, the outside, the different and how we can integrate that other into a bigger, better us. 

 The Mating Moon this month is calling me to embody my theme for 2012, Grabbing the Tiger By the Tail. It's asking me to be authentically me, authentically open and curious. It's reminding me that I am pretty awesome and worth sharing what I have with others.

The Mating Moon is reminding me that it all comes and goes. Nice spring weather is here for a day, then gone again. Partners, friends, ideas, even this body and life I call my own, they are just here for now. But what a glorious now it is.

Happy National Poetry Month! Happy Mating Moon!

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