Friday, April 6, 2012

The Seed Moon

New Seed Moon 
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Oy, it's almost the full moon and I haven't written the New Seed Moon post. The energies have shifted, though, and I want to do a Full Moon Feast themed post this month. So, we move on.

Seed by The Yes Man

Spring is rocking and rolling in Portland, Oregon this week. The fruit trees have blossomed and some are even past their full flush. The streets are starting to look sprinkled with cherry and apple blossom petals. My morning activities are coinciding with the dawn chorus and that combined with the smell of flowers and wet earth can be overwhelming at 6am. There are even some robins who are singing all through the day and night, practicing, wooing, setting up camp for their ladies in waiting who are arriving. Trails in the parks are full of banana slugs, trilliums, wild lilies and so much more life just shooting out of the ground. The weather is still fluctuating back and forth between cold and wet, sunny and dry, icy and warm sometimes within mere minutes of each other. One of the wettest Marches on record has record has caused a number of trees to fall in my parks, but it has also caused some amazing sky shows. I was treated to some awesome wave form clouds over Mt. Hood the other morning at sunrise. Spring really is glorious!

Turkish Fig by Amanda Rudkin

The Seed Moon points us towards the things in our life, and in Life in general, that are contained as potential. Plant seeds and animal eggs contain all the information to become a fully formed organism, but are currently just the potential of that form. Seeds practically hum with their potential, and just like spring is humming now. Images that come to mind include the shuddering movement of time lapse video of frog eggs, the peeping of chicks as they hatch, the magical transformation of seeds to sprouts. Other images, more human, are evoked too of the sticky, bursting, shuddering lovemaking of new lovers. Spring is a time of potential, of what will grow but is only yet a sparkle in The Goddess' eye.

What is bursting, growing, springing to life around you? What seeds are still dormant, but will grow into something full and beautiful soon? What signs of spring are showing up in your neighborhood?

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