Saturday, July 7, 2012

Strung Out Summer

Summer Solstice

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Midsummer is upon us and past and I finally had my Summer Solstice celebration. Last weekend I went camping up on Mt. Hood with a large group of friends and the guys I met up with on Friday had spent the day collecting firewood for a bonfire of epic proportions. The night involved a lot of beer in red white and blue cans, conversations about adult topics and lots of hearty laughter around a fire that burned until well after dawn. A great way to celebrate the height of summer.

This time of year I always feel a bit strung out. I don't sleep well, I over schedule myself and act like I can just go go go without recharging. There is too much to do, too much fun to have, during this short window of long days and good weather. I've been working full time doing an environmental education day camp and still maintaining my busy social schedule. It's been lots of fun, but chronic sleep deprivation certainly colors your life in interesting ways. 

On Saturday of our camping trip we drove down to Trillium Lake, a popular day use site on the mountain. The lake is a bit less than pristine, but the view was fantastic, the sunshine pure and hot and it felt good to be immersed in the water. This is what summer is about; friends, sunshine, fresh air and feeling like you can't keep going but you can't stop either. 

How has your summer been going? Do you feel the solar power this time of year? How do you celebrate this surge in energy, light, heat and activity? Have you ever watched a campfire burn until sun up? Happy summer!

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