Tuesday, May 10, 2011

New Mating Moon

New Mating Moon

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Well, grad school has finally gotten in the way of my blogging. I just don't have it in me to go through the work of putting my thoughts into a coherent blog post. I submit for your consideration a completely incoherent blog post instead.

A quote from Annette Hinshaw's Earth Time, Moon Time that jumped out at me this week was "Accepting diversity in others begins with accepting our own shadow selves without guilt or self-blame." I am taking a class called Multicultural Education right now that focuses on equity pedagogy or using liberating education to confront racism and injustice in our school system. It is big, heavy stuff.

"Most theorists agree that a major goal of multicultural education is to restructure schools so that all students will acquire knowledge, attitudes, and skills needed to function in an ethnically and racially diverse nation and world... Multicultural education supports the notion of e pluribus unum - from many, one."

The readings that have been assigned and our professor's lectures during class are intense and in your face. Some kids and some people are getting screwed over in this society because the whole thing is set up in a way that excludes them. As one might expect, this is a touchy subject that leave some people puzzled, saddened, turned off or defensive.

"Even if we could magically make everyone in America white, we'd still find some way to oppress some people," said my professor the other night. Well, we aren't all white so we've got a pretty easy and blatent way to oppress some people. I've spent a lot of time reading the blog Native Appropriations. It's not easy to confront racism, even (or especially?) from the position of white privilege.

In the Self Discovery Journal section for the Mating Moon Annette Hinshaw asks:

"What specific qualities make you feel another person is so different that he or she is alien to you (style, gender, race, moral standards, culture)? Which, if any, of these qualities is essential to their humanity? What specific information do your answers give you about your own shadow self?"

What are you thinking about this Mating Moon?

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fillingcalix said...

Hey babe, so sorry I've been out of the loop. Totally reading along and feeling creeeeeepy synchronicity, like you're just sucking out my brain and putting it in your blog.

As for this, I'm thinking about... MATING!!!!

Seriously, Thor in 3D back to back with Jane Eyre (my favorite book of all time), it's like a hunkarama around here.

I'm feeling the strong male energy rising with this full moon, like the pollen flooding our air right now!!! And I'm swooning with the perfumes of the flowering trees that gather it all.

Love you! I, of course, have lots of thoughts on oppression and the shadow, but ... for another day, my dear.